Georgie’s Top 5 Daily Wellness Rituals

26 Apr 2018

Georgie’s Top 5 Daily Wellness Rituals

1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Every morning, the first thing I do when I get into the kitchen ready to make breakfast is take a shot of about 10ml of apple cider vinegar, diluted with a splash of water. It’s a wake up call for my digestive system to get started for the day. The bitter taste makes my mouth fill with saliva, which tells me that the gastric acid in my stomach is also being released, as are digestive enzymes that will help to break down my imminent breakfast more efficiently. Better breakdown of nutrients means better absorption and a reduced likelihood of unpleasant digestive symptoms, such as bloating. This release of digestive juices takes time, however, so it’s best to allow for 20 minutes before eating

2. Greens

I get a big dose of greens into my body every day. I can’t remember the last day I went without my greens. In Summer this is easy with green smoothies for breakfast and plenty of salads for main meals. In winter, I prefer to choose warming foods to support my health on a more subtle, energetic level. This involves an emphasis on cooked foods, such as broccoli in stir-fries, sautéed kale with scrambled eggs and bok choy with miso salmon.

3. Movement

Moving every day in some way is such an important wellness ritual for me. The days when I let this slide and decide to laze around on the couch always leave me feeling lower in energy and foggy-headed. On the days when I’m feeling a bit overworked and need to recover, something as simple as a walk or some deep stretches help me to connect back to my body without putting too much pressure on my adrenal glands. Most days I love to go running and take yoga classes.

4. A Dose Of Vitamin N

It’s all too easy in this modern world to spend an entire day indoors or surrounded by concrete. We have not adapted physiologically to be cut off from nature like this, which is one reason I believe depression and anxiety is so prevalent in Western culture. To help me feel grounded and relieve stress, I try to spend some time every day outside in nature. You can get a dose of Vitamin N at a park, in your garden, in the countryside, at the beach or simply by focusing on the trees, flowers and greenery that surrounds you when walking around suburban streets. It’s no surprise that studies have shown how spending time in green spaces reduces our stress hormones and elevates mood. 

5. Journalling & Meditation

Almost every night before bed, I spend 15 minutes or so in my own brand of meditation practice that I’ve developed over the years. I find it helps me to unwind for the day, to transition into sleep mode, to rest my head on the pillow with a clear mind and to process all the twists and turns of life that come my way. I feel “off” the following day when I am unable to complete my practice. My practice involves calming music, grounding myself with a focus on my breath, conjuring the image of light coursing through my body and tuning in to my intuition if there is a particular problem I am having. I then write about a page in my journal, recording significant events, epiphanies, worries and ultimately reminding myself of what thoughts are true and what is false, remembering to be kind to myself. I find this practice has led to much growth, confidence and peace in my life.

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