Breastfeeding tips for new mums

Q&A With Naturopath’s Sarah Stevens & Stephanie Gobbo

Q1. Are there any foods that can assist with the production of milk?

Sarah: Flaxseeds, fennel, fenugreek seeds, oats, avocado and eggs can all assist with the production of milk, so including these foods as part of your whole food diet can work wonders.

Stephanie: Raspberry leaf tea is great to assist milk production! You can purchase our Luxton Clinic raspberry tea here…

Q2. Are there any foods that you should avoid when breastfeeding?

Sarah: If bub is getting reflux or colic, foods to decrease in your diet include cabbage, peppermint tea, coffee, chilli, dairy and gluten

Stephanie: High coffee intake while breastfeeding can sometimes aggravate the baby and cause sleep disturbances. 

Q3. Do you have any specific lifestyle tips for new mums to assist them in their breastfeeding journey?

Sarah: If you are having trouble with breastfeeding, contact a lactation nurse straight away as they can instantly change your breastfeeding experience. We also have some amazing herbal tincture blends that are terrific to help with milk supply and quality!

Stephanie: Some reasons for lactation problems can include stress, not enough skin to skin contact with baby, medications, post natal depression, low protein in diet. We like to look at all of these things to ensure Mum and babies breastfeeding journey is a happy one!

Q4. Babies with reflux can be a really stressful time for Mum’s. Do you have any recommendations or tips when it comes to coping with babies with reflux? 

Sarah: A baby probiotic can be really useful to help clear or decrease the reflux or trying osteopathy and/or cranial sacral therapy as this can work wonders! We offer both in the clinic and you can book online at the links below

Stephanie: Cutting dairy out of the mothers diet can help with bub’s reflux!

Q5. What is your number one piece of advice for breastfeeding mums?

Sarah: See a lactation nurse before you have the baby and also after to help with your breastfeeding journey. Talk to you Naturopath about what we can do to help and don’t push through if you are struggling there are so many things you can do to help make your experience less stressful and easier for both mum and bub.

Stephanie: If a mother can continue to breast feed while introducing your baby to new foods, this can help the immune systems response to new foods and prevent food intolerances. It’s also important not to do any liver detoxes while breastfeeding as toxins can leak into the breast milk and be passed onto the baby. And finally, breastfeeding is not a contraception, you can still fall pregnant so be sure to be carefully tracking your cycle!

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