Autumn: The season of change

By Emma Thompson, Massage Therapist

Just as seasons change so do we, and whilst we cannot control the weather, we can make small lifestyle adjustments to help maintain internal balance. As Autumn gradually takes us from long days and balmy nights to colder and crisp conditions, it is easy for us to feel unsettled, ungrounded and unstable.

The representation of Autumn is symbolic of change; we notice this most easily by the transformations in colour of the tree leaves and the temperature sensations of the air. It is the time we reap our “harvests” of the previous season and release and let go of whatever we find no longer useful.

The Winter period is one of the cruelest on the body; it can take its toll not only physically but also emotionally and energetically. For this reason Autumn becomes an important time for us to rest, reflect and prepare for the colder months ahead.

‘Focus on the breath.’

As the days grow shorter, we should focus our attention to our breath. As we inhale, breathe in all of life’s good fortunes and as we breathe out letting go of any stale or negative thoughts, freeing what is no longer useful to us.

Finding warmth and regularity in the lead up to Winter helps us to smoothly adapt alongside environmental changes. Deep breathing helps the body let go of physical tension and emotional stress, giving us a sense of comfort and control in a period of transition.

Embrace the season of change, be kind and be gentle with yourself.

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